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back on tumblr. still gotta fix my blog but not tonight

— 3 months ago

i want to catch up with people i went to college with but i think that they think that i don’t like them any more but that’s not true. i do want to say i’m sorry for making them think that i don’t like them or anything like that. they are some of the coolest people that i’ve every met in my life. i do wish ya’ll the best in life and i’m sorry that it seem like like i was ignoring ya’ll or whatever. you were the first people that accepted me for me and i do really appreciate that. i’m sorry that i was distance ¬†from ya’ll my last days of john tyler. i was in a dark time in my life and bad things was happening after another and i was and still am trying to find myself, but if i could rewind time and start over i would but that can’t happen so i hope ya’ll will put the past behind you. some people don’t even care that i was in a dark place but some did. some were telling me to keep my head up and keep on keeping on. for those who did i am very humble for that. i just wish that i didn’t show any disrespect towards any of ya’ll. i did have some of my best times with ya’ll and wish we could relive them or continued were we left off but most of you probably already said fuck this dude but i haven’t said fuck ya’ll hope all of you are happy with yourself and being happy now matter what card ya’ll got dealt even if ya’ll now happy with the cards ya’ll will played the hell out of them and doing some major winning

— 11 months ago